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About Us

Founded by Pauline Shackleton and Eric Gravelle, Xen Bath and Beauty Supplies is a Canadian company dedicated to bringing the best quality ingredients and tools to the Soap, Bathbomb and other crafting communities.

Here at Xen, we are all crafters of handmade products and have been a member of the Canadian communities for several years.   All of our products have been hand picked from manufacturers around the globe and tested each one individually, ensuring that our customers get the best of products on the market.

We invite you to browse our store and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us or through our Facebook page.

PaulinePauline Shackleton
Co-Founder, CEO

Pauline brings Xen deep knowledge of handcrafting and manufacturing of soaps and bath bombs.  She acts as the visionary behind Xen's unique product line up, having hand chosen and tested each and every product.  

Before Xen Bath and Beauty Supplies, she founded and managed Xen Natural Products where she created unique handmade bath products.