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The Order Process

We strive in our order and fulfillment process to keep you aware of where we are in process. Majority of orders are shipped from our warehouse within two business days of when we receive the order. Often, if an order is placed before the courier specified has done their daily pickup, we may be able to order and ship the process in the same day.

Order to Fulfillment

1.  Order is placed on our website

Once your order has been successfully received, you will receive an email copy of your "Sales Order". This email acts as your confirmation that we have received your order. If you have any questions, please make note of the "Sales Order Number" (also often referred to as the SO Number).

2.  We begin processing your order

When we begin processing your order, the status will be changed to "Processing". This will usually occur the next business day from when your order was placed. This is the process where we schedule your order to be fulfilled and reserve stock for your inventory.  If we are experiencing a back order on a given product or a delay for manufacturing may occur, we will contact you.

3. We fulfill your order

The order status will be changed to "in fulfillment" on your My Accounts page.  This is the step where we are picking the items you've ordered and pack it for shipping.

4.  The order is shipped

You will receive an email notification when the courier has picked up your order and is in transit. This usually occurs the same day as we have begun processing your order or the next business day depending on whether we were able to prepare the order before the daily courier pickups. Your order will now show a status as "Shipped" and if applicable, you will be able to check the location of your order thru your My Accounts page or the tracking number included in the email notification.  Often, tracking information for parcels will only show up after 5:00pm EST.

Order Statuses

In the "My Accounts" section of our website, you may check the current status of your order. Below is the list of order status messages you may see there and their meanings:

  • New - We have received the order and it has been paid for in full, but have not begun processing it.
  • Unpaid - We have received the order but it has not been paid and it must be payed before it can be processed.
  • Hold - The order has been placed on hold (either at your request or an action is required to begin/continue processing).
  • Processing - Your order is being currently processed by our office.
  • In Fulfillment - Your order is being currently processed by our warehouse and is being prepared for shipping.
  • Waiting for Pickup - The order is prepared and is waiting for pickup at our warehouse.
  • Shipped - The order has been picked up by the courier and is in transit.
  • Canceled - The order has been cancelled and all payments refunded.
  • Exception - An exception has occurred and the order is currently under review. This denotes our staff are investigating or actioning the issue.

  • Courier Pickup Times

  • FedEx Ground - 12:30pm EST
  • FedEx Express - 2:30pm EST
  • UPS - 12:30pm EST
  • Canada Post - 3:00pm EST

  • Changes To Orders

    Ship to Address

    If the order has not yet left our warehouse, a $5 administrative fee will be applied and the cost of the difference in shipping will be charged. The balance must be paid in full before the order will be processed and shipped.

    If the order has left our warehouse, a $25 administrative fee will be applied and the cost of the difference in shipping will be charged. The balance must be paid in full before delivery to the destination..

    Addition or Removal of Items to the Order

    A $5 administrative fee applies when a change is requested to an order already received plus the difference in the balance due to the change. The resulting balance must be paid in full before the order will be processed and shipped. If a refund is due, it will be immediately processed.

    Combining Order Shipments

    Where there are two orders being processed for a customer and the request is made by the customer to combine the order shipments together, a $5 fee shall be applied. Each addition order being combined into the single shipment will also incur a $5 fee. These fees will be deducted from the balance of the savings for the shipment and will be processed for refund the same day as the shipment is sent.